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Hello friends, Just wanted to pop in and say that all is well.  We’re plugging away doing whatever it is that seems to keep us busy from sun up to sun down.  These days its trying to keep summer practical, productive and (hopefully, if I play my cards right) a little magical too.  Our big […]

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On the Trampoline

We’ve been spending so much time on the trampoline lately.  Okay, when I say “we” what I actually mean is “they” with me making an occasional appearance to flip around, take a few photos, and go back to doing whatever Mom’s do when the kids are happy and busy (like sneak down to the basement […]

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And then he turned 8

I’m still not entirely sure how my sweet Noah Boah can be eight … but we spent an entire weekend celebrating so it must be true.  I feel like child rearing – for me anyway – consists of really really really looooooooong days (especially when the big boys were all little) that somehow (magically, I’m […]

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Thinking of Boston

Each Patriot Day we lived in Boston, we’d take a 10 minute walk up to Coolidge Corner, buy lunch and picnic along Beacon Street – somewhere around the 24 mile mark on the marathon route.  And each year we’d stay for hours cheering on weary runners, moved to tears by their determination and the thousands […]

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It’s Time

There has been a stack of boxes in my basement that I’ve been avoiding for the last 20 or so months.  My initial excuse was, “I’m going to take 6 months off work so there is no need to unpack my office just yet” and then … well … the idea of jumping back on […]

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