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Good Eats

We’ve been in a food rut around here lately:  tired of hearty winter fare but not yet ready for the gorgeous fresh bounty of summer.  Okay, so we’re ready for summer produce … Mother Nature just isn’t ready to give it to us yet.  Thank heavens for great blogs with recipes that are healthy, budget conscious, kid-friendly* and totally accessible for cooks with limited time and knowledge.  Here are a few blogs I’ve been enjoying – and eating from – lately:

Remedial Eating:  Molly – who lives a few blocks from me and is just as lovely in person as she is online – and I share a love of salads and baked goods.  I’ve been living off her recipes the last few weeks (see the above beet/orange/feta salad – I think I’ve eaten it 5 times in the last week.  YUM!).  As a bonus, her photography is gorgeous and her writing absolutely lovely.

Stephmodo:  My dear friend Steph has great taste in pretty much everything.  She’s a total foodie, but is a busy Mom on a budget and her recipes are always completely do-able.  Her “Menu of the Week” series is especially awesome.  I love that she also gives tips for efficient meal planning and shopping for fresh/free-range/organic goodness on a budget.  Go Steph!

The Little Red House:  Sheena’s food journey pretty much mirrors my own:  she grew up on processed junk food and for health reasons has learned to shop for and prepare whole foods for herself and her family.  I especially love her posts about how to prepare certain foods (like brussels sprouts, beets, cabbage, etc.) and also her tips on keeping the grocery budget to a minimum because lets be honest – eating organic can get expensive.  I’m planning on making a version of her veg taco’s this week and making one of her cabbage recipes with a head of red cabbage I need to eat up.

Happy eating!


*by “kid-friendly” I mean my boys may still moan and groan about having to eat it, but they’ll eat it

Stephanie - Why thank you for including me in your round up! I’ll keep those menus comin’ for you :)

Miss you…April 13, 2012 – 10:41 PM

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