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Hello friends,

Just wanted to pop in and say that all is well.  We’re plugging away doing whatever it is that seems to keep us busy from sun up to sun down.  These days its trying to keep summer practical, productive and (hopefully, if I play my cards right) a little magical too.  Our big summer adventures begin late next week, and while I’m excited for the escape and distraction of travel, I’m also trying to remember that daily life can be wonderful as well.  I’m not quite sure yet how to turn the mundane (or even the miserable) into the magical, but I know it has everything to do with my attitude and that my attitude has been way too fixated on our struggles instead of our abundant blessings.  Shame on me!  So my goal this summer is to have fun regardless of the good, the bad and the ugly.  I want to enjoy this summer even if the kids are cranky or bored, or there are 10 loads of laundry to wash and fold, or the kids have eaten me out of house and home again, or … or … or …

You’ll notice there are no pictures with this post.  My computer is still totally lame and “get a new computer” is high on my to do list.  Eventually I’ll be able to edit and post pictures again without cursing and banging my head against the wall.  Until then, you can catch up with daily life and our occasional adventures on Instagram.  I’m @rebeccamudrick.